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SOUND BODY - Acoustic wave

Painless NOT invasive treatment for cellulite and localized fat

Indicated for the whole body, it is recommended to treat stretch marks.

With SOUND BODY you can see from the first sessions an improvement of tissue tone and blemishes. The acoustic wave stimulates the tissues in depth and activates a process of raising the temperature that induces an improvement of the metabolism and the microcirculation and the increase in production of elastin and collagen.

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New product! LUI - L'unico Uomo Italiano
Perfect Abdomen


KeeP young has created a new range of face and body treatments for men based on natural products.

Perfect Abdomen treatment, cream for anti-stress facial, relaxing shower gel, after shave lotion and deodorant.

Products that can not miss in your beauty center for the treatment of today's man.

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ANTI-CELLULLITE cream slimming effect with Renovenzyme®

Delicata degradazione dei noduli della cellulite e riduzione progressiva della pelle a buccia d'arancia.
L’innovativo principio attivo RENOVENZYME®, abbinato ad altri principi attivi, scioglie progressivamente il collagene anomalo situato attorno alle cellule di grasso responsabile dei noduli della cellulite e della buccia d'arancia, attraverso una specifica attività collagenolitica, migliorando l'apparenza della cute, levigando ed agendo sulle giunzioni dermo-ipodermiche e attivando il drenaggio linfatico.

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VEOS ALL - IN - ONE Polish gel

Apply and remove without grinding your natural nail.
Ultra bright effect for over 2 weeks!

How to promote your beauty center

ADVERTISING FOR BEAUTY CENTERS IS ONE ESSENTIAL TOOL FOR THE PROMOTION AND GROWTH OF ACTIVITY; there are many ways in which a beauty salon can get publicity but, as we often say, this activity if poorly managed can bring more harm than good.

The concepts on which to focus when you decide to advertise a beauty center are the same as for any other activity: target, goals, conversion; advertising in fact is nothing more than a tool, which tool to be used to best needs to be articulated around these three basic concepts.

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Angel's Touch Massage course


New massage course inspired by the touch of an angel, is the gentleness and loving kindness of touch ...
Born from the experience of professionals who have collected and learned in their travels ancient craftsmanship making them soft, enveloping and billowing.
The aesthetic encounter with the discipline physiotherapy and the most innovative relaxation techniques make this unprecedented experience, transforming it almost in an extra sensory journey.

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Download our brochures and presentations


Download KeeP young Brochure presentation with our main lines of cosmetic products, the latest technology equipment and all the services that we offer.

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